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Legal notes
Details stipulated under the German Telecommunication Services Act (TDG), section 6, in its version dated 20 December 2001, on the legal framework for electronic commerce:

Tax ID number: 35002/02071
VAT ID number: DE 143 589 000
Local Court: Karlsruhe Court of Registration, HRB 147

Oliver Brück

Sales and production:
JANUS Communication GmbH Vertriebs-und Produktionsgesellschaft
on behalf of Karlsruher Messe und Kongress-GmbH.
Tel. +49(0)711 500 5480.
Fax: +49(0)711 500 5483

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Marketing and manufacturing company on behalf of the Fair and Congress GmbH (limited company) – Marketing Service of Karlsruhe.

JANUS Communication GmbH
Tel.: 0711 505 10-11
Fax: 0711 505 10-47